Accelerating Modular Airlift Rescue

Moving Massive amounts of people in an airlift is not easy at all. Yet we know with Natural Disasters and Mother Nature from time to time this becomes a priority. The United States of America is not without resources to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people in short amounts of time, but we could potentially increase this number if we employed additional strategies.Consider if you will a pending Volcano in a large US City. There is no way to get 5 million people out of the area, yet that would be what would be required.

All the freeways would be full and all the fuel would be already sold and there would be gridlock getting everyone out you see. Additionally what if you had a warning of 18 hours prior to a large Tsunami coming to the United States Eastern Seaboard or a Super Storm Hurricane targeted to hit dead center Miami or NYC?.We need to increase our abilities to move people out of the region faster one way to do this would be to re-route all air traffic to unload passengers and fly into airports which could take large airliners and then load people from there. At the larger airports you could forgo all air cargo and load people into refrigerated cargo containers with seats in them.Trains leaving the area could load people packed in box cars, car haulers, school buses, trucks, RVs and such. No car could leave without 15 or more passengers in it.

FEMA needs to be looking at worse case scenarios and plans to deal with such potential eventualities if and when they occur. Consider this in 2006.

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