Academic Scientific Capital Issues

One thing that is needed for on-going research in the scientific community is an abundance of cash flow and a flow of ideas, concepts and innovation if we are to propel mankind. This means academia and major research Universities must work hard to constantly seek funding to continue their research.To keep this research and development process pure and uncorrupted is essential, yet if the funding comes from the political arena, there are agendas attached to that research and required results to continue such funding; see the problem? Likewise there are certain desired results from Big Pharma for medical school research results and the list goes on and on and everything from new energies, materials and food studies.The best way to continue the integrity of our University Research is to use monies, which do not come with strings attached.

Easier said than done considering the fierce competition for funding. Some Universities are better at collecting funding dollars than they are with producing relevant results for the forward progression of mankind.Nevertheless academic scientific capital for research and development is needed now more than ever before as we approach breakthroughs in everything from NanoTech to Alternative Energies.

So, let us consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Post Secondary Education

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