Academic Culture Crimps Innovative Future

Political Correctness sounds like a good idea so no one gets their feelings hurt and we can all get along. It seems that this would indeed assist in propelling thought right? Well to a point it does as everyone is on a level playing field and communication lines remain open. Yet at the same time when you isolate some lines of thinking to an "out of bounds" category then you are in fact limiting thought and boxing in your areas of thought. Not so good in that case, you see?.

But it gets worse, as areas of study are again isolated by category and people get degrees in certain subjects and concentrate only on those areas. So in essence it is a sort of brain washing and limiting affect rather than creating Renaissance Thinkers, which is what we really need to continually innovate. If we have too many linear thinkers, all we get is linear solutions and that indeed leads to the current paradigm of putting out one fire only to start another somewhere else in the never-ending law of unintended consequences.

You see Academic Culture Crimps our innovative future in this way.Whereas you send your kids to college and expect to propel them into being the next brilliant person to discover something, all you end up doing usually is creating a linear thinker who is brilliant in only one area of science or research or subject matter who is only able to recite and has memorized all the previous knowledge, but cannot innovate you see? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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