Academic Catastrophe and the Future of Thought

Everyone believes that to become smart you have to go to college or a University because they can make you so smart you see? After all when you pay them lots of money and study all their debris they will give you proof of your intelligence in a little piece of parchment called a degree certificate.For those who have not gone to college or a University they believe that this piece of paper is good for nothing more than wiping one's rear end. Indeed that is the other end of the spectrum and something in the middle is probably more apropos to this discussion. Colleges and Universities do indeed serve a purpose and thus being too overly critical is rather harsh.Yet if we limit thought through academic brain washing, while claiming we are teaching people to think then we are not serving the future of the Nation, nor those we hand a diploma to and tell them they are smarter than all the rest.

So, what is the answer here?.Well I propose considering a way to make a more well rounded human and concentrate on developing Renaissance Students who will have information and knowledge from a much wider perspective and all the surrounding sciences which will be merging together in the near future to produce those revolutionary breakthroughs we have all come to expect from our top scientific minds in the United States. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

Post Secondary Education

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