Abatement Check of Nano Contaminants

In the future we will need procedures and specialized protocol to deal with nano contaminants. As mankind learns more about the science of NanoTech and creates micron sized materials, which are so small you cannot see we will need to address the issues of cleaning up contaminants at a nano molecular level. Easier said than done, nevertheless abatement checks and specialized sensors will need to be developed as this new Nano Tech research and development gets underway.Consider if you will be possibility of Nano Tech manufacturing at the molecular level, which might be so small it could escape the building in which the manufacturing is being done and once out of the building and into the environment it would continue to build and this would be the starting of a Nano Tech eco disaster.

Obviously I am pro technology but at the same time do not read these words of caution as a doom and gloom prophesy, as my goal is not to scare people but rather to make us think and it is up to us as we explore innovation into the next century that we also pay attention to what we're doing.As humans become their own God and play God with micron sized nano technologies, then we'd better pay attention to what we're doing and we owe it to ourselves and our children to do the right thing. I therefore propose abatement checks and specialized sensors to be funded along with the Nano Technology of tomorrow to ensure a safe passage into future periods in the forward progression of mankind.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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