Abandoned Boosters and Colony Materials

Used Rocket Boosters might indeed be excellent building materials for a space colony on the Moon or Mars. It seems we need to hold onto them and take them into space with us if we can. They are strong and made out of great materials and we need such things to use for housing you see?.Lets say the baffling inside was made in such a way that it could have spiral staircases and grate floors in it? Then when you get to the moon you dig a hole and bury it straight down and thus no worries about space radiation and if you buried it upside down the rocket ends would great heat shields doubling as added protection you see. You know I really haven't totally thought this thru but you have to admit it makes a lot of sense really.You see once you are in space the extra weight is no big deal.

Sure it might take a little more propulsion to get it all up there, but that just means more boosters and thus more habitats. Now then I know you are a skeptic right, what about the fuel and the toxicity and you are worried about all the astronauts?.Well what about bacteria, which would eat the fuel and then die after it starved. Just a matter of a good cleaning, which might take a while but consider some 6-8 Massive Boosters; you can have a whole set up, nursery for farming, lab, mining office to lease out to private industry and the makings of a first colony, hotel and well you get the idea? Consider this in 2006.


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