The Future of Technology or Did You See Grandma on the Phone Today

Hi, I was thinking about the future of technolgy on the way home from Open Pantry and came to this conclusion. The future is in video phone system that works on the internet over existing cable system.I know that ISDN (integrated services digital network) has been around for ten years. What this is trying to get phone companies to come together for a video phone system.

It doesn't work because they are holding out for a cable system that will come into place eventually.Technically here's why. Video channels have a wide bandwidth and to sum it up it would require 218 bit access on the part of the computer. Xp is at 32 bit access. It would have to double 3 times to 256 bit access before this can be commercially feasable.

That would happen in ten years.My short theory says that the cable which already carries tv channels can be utilized to carry a two way video communication system much like the video phones and video conferencing systems already in existance today.Ah, there's the catch between the existing phone system and developing a technically feasable but commercially not viable national network system. I think it was introduced in 2005 and I'll bet it will happen in 5 to 10 years.

What do you think guys, it's sort of like when I used to say that solar powered cell phones will eventually happen.I guess we're still waiting and I havn't seen grandma in a while.


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By: Norman Dreamer

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